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"My hair may be straight and fine, but that doesn't mean it's fast-drying—at least, not naturally. My secret? I always wrap my wet hair in the Aquis Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Turban for a few minutes after I get out of the shower. It's made of a special wicking fabric that really soaks up all the water hair absorbs in the washing and conditioning process. Whether I air-dry or then blow my hair out, this towel definitely gets me out of the house faster."—Danielle Blundell, lifestyle director

"When I travel, I bring Palmer's cocoa butter to use not only as a body lotion, but I also use it on my hair to lay down flyaways."—Tara Cox, executive managing editor

"I sleep on a silk scarf on days when I don't want to redo my hair the next morning. It keeps the frizz and flyaways at bay, and I don't have to re-curl my hair when I wake up."—Christina Izzo, features editor

"I only curl the top layer of my hair when I want to look like I didn't just roll out of bed but don't have enough time to do the whole thing."—Alyse Whitney, senior food editor

"To avoid frizz and that annoying ponytail dent, I use Slip silk scrunchies to tie back my hair at night. I also sleep on Slip's pillowcases—good silk is said to cut down on friction between your pillow and your head/face, which helps alleviate some of the stretching and tugging on your skin as well as your hair."—Danielle Blundell, lifestyle director


"During the summer months when it's hot and humid outside, I like to mix my primer and liquid foundation and apply it using a damp makeup sponge for a more sheer, natural look. This technique saves me an extra step in the morning, and it requires fewer touch-ups throughout the day!"—Princess Gabbara, associate digital editor

"If I don't have time to do my makeup because I'm running late, I just do my brows with a tinted gel and red lipstick. Everyone can be fooled into thinking you're put-together if you wear red lipstick."—Alyse Whitney, senior food editor

"I put a wet washcloth (soaked with toner or tea tree oil) in the microwave for 20 seconds. Then, I have a super-steamy facial that really opens my pores. I exfoliate with it when it's cool."—Aliza Gans, associate food editor

"A wee bit of highlighter over concealer for dark circles. The reflection makes me dewy, and I need all the dewy I can get."—Lauren Iannotti, editor-in-chief

"A celebrity makeup artist once told me to sweep a clean, fluffy brush over my highlighter after applying it for a 'lit from within' look. It actually works!"—Princess Gabbara, associate digital editor

"Palmer's Cocoa Butter stick as an eye cream. No dermatological support, but I've been doing this since I was 20. It makes a good moist base for concealer and people tell me I look younger than my forty-something, so maybe it works?"—Lauren Iannotti, editor-in-chief

"People always ask how I keep my lipstick on all night without touch-ups: I always prep my lips with setting powderI'll brush it on through a tissue so that it's a super-fine layerbefore I put on any bold lip. It's foolproof!"—Christina Izzo, features editor

"I smear coconut oil all over my face to remove my makeup, including all glitter and waterproof mascara."—Renae Wilson, test kitchen associate


"CND Vinylux Nail Polish. It dries in 8 minutes to a professional looking shine. So many other quick dry polished are dull. I can paint my nails in the morning, and they'll be dry when I get to work. And they'll last a week!"—Tara Cox, executive managing editor

"I wear rubber gloves when I'm doing the dishes to prevent my nails from drying out and chipping, cracking, peeling, splitting, and anything else that can ruin a fresh mani."—Princess Gabbara, associate digital editor

"Keep cuticle care in your direct eyeline at all times so you remember to use it—I have Burt's Bees cuticle cream on my work desk, Caudalie nail and hand cream in my purse, and CND SolarOil nail and cuticle conditioner on my nightstand. It helps me keep a gel manicure on for 2-3 weeks!"—Alyse Whitney, senior food editor