Roma Maffia

A peek inside the icebox of the <em>Nip/Tuck</em> star.


Roma Maffia

I start off the day with persimmons, because they're in season, and I'm all about what's in season for breakfast. I also have my first of a total of three cups of coffee -- which I grind and brew myself -- with a lot of half-and-half. Since I'm still hungry, I have a container of yogurt. Some days I go out for breakfast, and I'll have a goat-cheese omelet with burnt toast or French toast with tons of butter and burnt bacon. Then on my way home I'll stop at Gelson's (a gourmet market, and get one or two cheese Danishes.


On an average day, I'll have a lovely entrée of salmon with vegetables and a salad somewhere fancy. Or I'll have a niçoise salad with extra anchovies and dressing, with a large foamy cappuccino. Today's a little different.


If someone is taking me to dinner, I'll have higher-quality "cheating food," but tonight I buy my own dinner at Gelson's. Sometimes, when I'm working, I eat all of this plus what's on the catering table!

So to sleep I go. My prayer wasn't answered. But I try not to be too hard on myself. I just think, "Tomorrow will be a good eating day."