Music lovers, strike a pose! We've got your all-access pass
to a rocker-themed Halloween. It's showtime!


rock and roll party

tips + how-tos

rock and roll party

Do it up right!
 Serve Rockin' Cocktails Give Jack and Coke a "roadie" spin: Blend up your own cherry slushie and set it afloat to cool off and sweeten up drinks. 

 Let the Music Inspire the Munchies Create candy bowls themed by different music styles: "Indie Rock" rock-candy sticks; "Heavy Metal" silver-wrapped chocolates; and "Pop Music" lollipops and Pop Rocks.

 Set the Stage
 Hit the party store or scan eBay for blow-up musical instruments, old concert posters, and microphones and tambourines. Your old CDs and vinyl records can be cleverly reused as coasters and serving trays. 

Hang a Hall-of-Fame Record Wall
 Pull off graphic, colorful sleeves from your old LPs (or buy some at the flea market for a few bucks) and tack them up on a wall to make a scene-setting photo backdrop.

 Rock a Star Look
 Come as a musician whose style inspires you or makes you laugh! Tonight's partygoers posed as Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and Jimi Hendrix. Some other easy ideas: Elton John (hello, bedazzling), the Blues Brothers (shades and hats) and Elvis (sideburns and blue suede shoes). 

 Do Crowd Karaoke
 Have guests RSVP with the costume they'll be wearing, then provide karaoke songs from each musician. Use prop mics (or cupcake mics!) and instruments -- and strongly encourage air guitar and drums while each friend performs!