Roasting Pans

A quality roasting pan should be used more than once a year. It's time to show yours some love.
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roasting pans

1) Whatever is at the supermarket
(Disposable aluminum foil)
UPSIDE Super cheap. Easy cleanup: Just chuck it in the trash.
DOWNSIDE Thin and flimsy. Can't make gravy directly in the pan.

2) Oneida Large Roast Pan
UPSIDE Affordable, lightweight, versatile.
DOWNSIDE High heat can warp lightweight pans.

3) All-Clad Large Stainless Roasting Pan
(Cladded Steel (layered aluminum and stainless steel))
UPSIDE Heavy-duty construction makes searing and gravymaking a snap.
DOWNSIDE Heavy when loaded with food. Expensive.


Corona-Steamed Shrimp Kebabs

1. While dinner’s being served, add soapy water to the roaster and stick it in a 250° oven. By the time the guests have gone, the soak will make scrubbing a cinch.
2. Add water and soap, bring the pan to a simmer for 5 minutes on the stovetop and give it a few scrubs with a scratchless, heavyduty sponge.
3. Soak overnight in baking soda and vinegar. By morning, it’ll just be a matter of rinsing, drying and stowing away.
4. Let the roasting pan sit overnight in your refrigerator. The cool, moist climate of the fridge will soften the baked-on bits, so in the morning, you can scrape them away with a rubber spatula. No scouring required.
OR: Use an inexpensive, disposable roasting pan next time! No muss, no fuss.
-- Melissa Clark

*Prices and other details were accurate when we published this article in November 2005.