These candies are like a caramel apple, without the mess.

Sure, pumpkin-flavored anything and everything may rule the fall months, but let's not forget about another flavor that's at its peak in autumn: apple! Thanks to the newest release from Japanese candy brand Hi-Chew, I've had no problem satisfying my apple-y fall cravings. 

Credit: Courtesy of Hi-Chew

Hi-Chew, known for their fruity, chewy, taffy-like candies, just released their new caramel apple flavor for the fall season, and it's pretty special. These little guys actually taste exactly like a caramel apple fresh off the fairgrounds. 

Unlike most fruity candies, which can sometimes all taste the same regardless of flavor, these Hi-Chews are undeniable, unmistakably, caramel apple. That may have to do with the fact that each piece of the candy features a juicy, apple-flavored chew wrapped in a layer of sticky caramel goodness. Apple on the inside, caramel on the outside—just like a real caramel apple! 

Hi-Chew candies are available at drugstores, but if you want to try the caramel apple flavor, don't wait—it'll be gone after the holidays. 

Buy it: Caramel Apple Hi-Chews ($25 for a pack of 12 sticks on Amazon)