It’s official: Restaurant bathrooms are having a social-media moment. With quirky decor, crazy soundtracks, and objects and art to gawk at, you’ll be happy to excuse yourself.
dino's tomato pie disco ball bathroom
Photography by Getty Images
| Credit: Photography by Getty Images

Groovy Loo

A looming holographic cobra pic (which looks great in selfies) hangs on the wall of one of the unisex restrooms at Seattle's Dino's Tomato Pie. The other room changes themes often and has featured flashy disco balls, walls filled with poetry and more. 

red hook lobster pound beach bathroom
Credit: Photo courtesy Red Hook Lobster Pound

A Trip To The Beach 

Whether or not nature calls as you're cracking open a claw at Brooklyn's Red Hook Lobster Pound, visit the WC. The circular room feels like a visit to the seashore, complete with an umbrella lighting fixture, '80s-style beach chairs and the sound of crashing waves piped in.

barbacoa grill shoe art bathroom
Credit: Photo courtesy Barbacoa Grill

Loud & Proud

The decor at Latin-influenced steak and seafood spot Barbacoa Grill in Boise, ID, is bold. Like, dark-purple-walls-and- flaming-torches bold. Each stall of the pink ladies' room is adorned with shoe art, while the copper-walled men's room features multiple cow skulls.

cozy noodles rice pez dispensers bathroom
Credit: Photography by Getty Images

Candy Coated

Cozy Noodles & Rice, a Thai spot blocks from Chicago's Wrigley Field, is a haven for kids and kids-at-heart. Check out the 600-plus Pez dispensers lining the lavatory walls. Look for popular characters like Garfield, Snoopy and Lisa Simpson. Just don't expect any candy—they're all empty.