We've already told you how much we love mash-ups. Whether it's two Italian classics crammed into one (hello chicken parm pizza!) or a French onion soup-Chinese dumpling hybrid, the delicious end results are greater than the sum of their parts. Such is the charm of the ramen burger. When you cross the all-American sandwich with the ultimate Japanese comfort food, everybody wins.


Although the original ramen burger recipe from Ramen Co. in NYC is top secret, our Ramen Cheeseburger recipecomes pretty close. The main difference is the topping: Ramen Co. uses a "secret shoyu sauce" while our test kitchen riffs with a homemade sriracha mayo. Shoyu sauce or not, the fact that you can customize the cooking time for both the patty and the crispy bun are two advantages to making this bad boy at home.


As you can tell, we like our burgers on the bigger side here at Rachael Ray Magazine. Get the full recipe here.

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