We followed up with our beauty and travel editor, Abbie Kozolchyk, to see how things went at the second annual Beauty Editors Day at New York's Saks Fifth Avenue. As the name would suggest, the day brings beauty editors—bunches of them, in fact—to the selling floor, where each is partnered with a particular counter. Abbie was stationed at Penhaligon's, where she met with several women—and a few men!—whose $30 entrance fee went entirely to Look Good Feel Better, an organization that helps cancer patients cope with the outward side effects of treatment.

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What was the topic people asked about most?
AK: After fragrance (because we were at a fragrance counter, after all), brows were the biggest beauty topic of the day. Conveniently, we have this on our site: 3 Ways to Groom Your Eyebrows.

What was the most memorable aspect of the day?
AK: For me, it was a tossup between the very first guest —a remarkably lovely and upbeat woman whose daughter has been a Look Good Feel Better participant—and a surprise afternoon appearance by the illustrator we used for our July/August travel feature. I never would have recognized Danielle Kroll(pictured below), who was part of a four-woman posse that visited me at the Penhaligon's counter, but her identity was revealed by a rightfully proud friend about halfway through our session. I was star-struck.

Did you fall in love with any new fragrances yourself?
AK: I was getting a little out of hand with Penhaligon's newest scent, Vaara, and wouldn't be surprised if my whole apartment smells like saffron, magnolia and sandalwood for the next month. Or year. I also love the back story—the fragrance was commissioned by the Maharaja of Jodhpur to commemorate the birth of his granddaughter—but of course, now I'm going to have to think twice about gifting onesies or Is Your Mama A Llama.

Did anyone want to talk travel?
AK: India came up pretty regularly, thanks to the aforementioned royal grandpa. And I'm always happy to talk about that country, as it's one of my favorite places on the planet—though I outgrow even my most generous waistbands after, like, two days there.

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