A whopping 72 percent of you guys like camping, as we discovered when we asked on Facebook. See what else more than 1,200 of our followers had to say about this classic summer pastime.
roasted marshmallows
Photography by Dan Saelinger/Trunk Archive
| Credit: Photography by Dan Saelinger/Trunk Archive

What's your greatest fear while camping? 

  • 38% Big animals (like bears) 
  • 36% Small pests (like mosquitos)
  • 24% Bad weather
  • 2% Ghost stories

When you’re toasting marshmallows, how do you like 'em? 

  • 60% Totally charred
  • 40% Lightly browned

When you go camping, where do you sleep? 

  • 40% In a tent
  • 39% In a camper/trailer
  • 3% Under the stars 
  • ...and 18% of you prefer to pitch your tent indoors...?