The Saturday Night Live alum takes a bite of the Big Apple.

Rachel Dratch


Today's breakfast was a bit unusual, so I should start by explaining that last night I took part in a charity event called Celebrity Charades for Philip Seymour Hoffman's LAByrinth theater company. I had to act out The Exorcist, so I just acted possessed, and they managed to get it. There was a party afterward, and I got home so late it was early -- which leads me to my first meal of the day: chicken noodle soup and a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich from the diner around the corner. I ate half the sandwich. I hit Starbucks in the morning for a tall skim latte, too. I only recently started using coffee as a wake-up tool -- ever since last summer, when I was filming a movie and had to leave the house at 5:30 a.m.


Because I reversed breakfast and lunch today, I just grabbed a few bites of Greek yogurt and a bottle of water. Since I left SNL, every day is different, so I'm trying to get used to the lack of structure! Some days I'm in L.A., working on a movie, but most of the time, I'm in New York, taping an episode of 30 Rock, auditioning, working out, stuff like that.


I eat out a lot, and one of my guilty pleasures is pasta. My fave is the tagliatelle Bolognese at Supper (156 E. 2nd St., New York City, 212-477-7600). It's so fluffy, it's like eating a pillow! Well, a pillow covered with meat sauce. Doesn't that sound good? Last week, I tried to recreate a simple dish I had in Italy -- pasta with garlic, oil and Parmesan -- but somehow, my dish didn't measure up to what I had in Italy. Can you believe it? Again, I don't cook much. So tonight, I met a friend for a light dinner at this tapas restaurant called Tía Pol (205 10th Ave., New York City, 212-675-8805), where we had fried garbanzo beans, spicy chorizo and tuna croquettes. Wherever I go, I seem to have a knack for ordering the worst thing on the menu, but tonight, we did OK.