Everyone has a wild side, and you can catch a glimpse of Rachael’s this month when she lends her distinctive voice to HBO’s animated comedy Animals.

rachael ray mama bluebird animals tv show
Photo courtesy HBO
| Credit: Photo courtesy HBO

The series imagines the inner lives of New York's often-overlooked critters: rats, pigeons, there's even an episode with bedbugs having a midlife crisis. Rachael, who joins a long list of guest stars, including Jon Lovitz, Molly Shannon and Ellie Kemper, plays a mama bluebird (shown above) with a new hatchling to feed—which, you'll recall from nature specials, involves a certain amount of regurgitation. "So not all my lines were actual words!" she says. The new season started in April, so catch up on-demand before the May 12 episode, when Rach shows off her animal instincts.