Our trusty little elf herself, Rachael Ray, has shopped around and gathered her favorite gifts to give during the holiday season. She didn't leave anybody out; kids, adults, friends and loved ones -- everybody's in here! Explore all of Rach's holiday picks.

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005

Hoot Hoot

If they love collecting owls like I do, they'll hoot over this glass votive holder!

Owl glass votive holder

Language Love

Show kids it's fun to learn with Little Pim's foreign language learning series. It comes in a whopping eleven different languages for kids 6 and under. How easy is that?

Little pim language learning series for children

Composition Case

Protect his iPad in an old-school composition notebook cover.

Composition notebook iPad cover

Fuzzy Feet

Every year, I give the kiddos in my life a pair of comfy boiled-wool animal slippers -- how cute are the puppy and chicken styles?!

Wool animal children’s slippers

Tasty Tomato

Sarabeth's is one of my favorite New York City food shops. If your buddies can't visit, have her velvety tomato soup delivered straight to their doors.

Sarabeth’s tomato soup

Tatted & Clean

Washing the dishes will feel a little cooler while wearing tattooed rubber gloves.

Spoon Sisters tattooed rubber gloves

Cheesy Gifts

I first tried Green Dirt Farm's delicious fresh sheep's milk cheese on a trip to Kansas City, Missouri, and I've craved the nettles and the garlic peppercorn versions ever since.

Green Dirt Farm’s fresh goat cheese

Smell Sweet

It's dessert you can wear! Cupcake fragrances come in sugary scents like blood orange and toffee.

Urban Outfitters’ cupcake fragrances

Saddle Up & Cheers

Display prized bottles on a stirrup wine rack.

Broadway Panhandler stirrup wine rack

Doggie Treats

For every Scottie dog shortbread cookie tin you buy, 10 cents is donated to the ASPCA, an animal rescue organization near and dear to my heart.

Walkers dog shortbread cookies

Bottoms Up

Say "cheers" with a "Hair of the Dog" flask.

Hair of the dog flask

Ear Bones

Skull earbuds just scream rock 'n' roll!

Skull earbuds

Brew it Yourself

A DIY beer kit will turn ale lovers into brewmasters.

Brewmasters’ DIY beer kit

Football Fetch

Personalize a football dog toy with your favorite team logo.

Personalized football dog toy

Candy Fix

Unreal candies are made without artificial flavors and taste even better than junk food!

Uncommon Goods unreal candy

Family Pillow

Customize a sketch pillow with an embroidered drawing of your clan.

Branch Home customized sketch pillow

Wear Your Appetite on Your Sleeve

I love a foodie T-shirt with a good appetite!

Flavour Gallery t-shirt

Snowy Plates

Have a feast on my Rachael Ray Lil' Hoot snowman plates!

Rachael Ray Lil’ Hoot snowman plates

Minnie Speakers

Every song sounds sweeter coming from a Minnie Mouse iHome speaker.

Minnie Mouse iHome speaker

Money Picks

A music puncher turns old credit cards into real guitar picks!

Spoon Sisters music puncher

Bacon Cocktails

Bakon vodka makes one killer bloody mary.

Bakon vodka

City Bling

City gals will love a cuff that mimics the Brooklyn Bridge.

Site NYC cuff

Give a Little, Get a Little

For every Fortuna sausage sampler -- with soppressata and genoa salami -- purchased, a dollar is donated to the Make a Wish Foundation.

Fortuna Sausage sausage sampler to benefit Make a Wish Foundation

Whip Up Chips

A potato chip maker turns spuds into snacks in the microwave!

Shop Mastrad potato chip maker

Kiddie Wheels

Let the kids take the wheel in an electric ride-on Dodge Viper!

Mini Dodge viper

Cornelia's Cookies

Cornelia Guest is one talented lady! She makes some of my favorite purses and delish chocolate chip cookies!

Cornelia Guest chocolate chip cookies