Rachael Ray's Favorite Apps

What would I do without my favorite iPad and iPhone apps? When I have a few moments on set, in the car or waiting in line, these are the go-to tools that keep me organized, in the know and entertained.
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My Year in Meals

My new book, My Year in Meals, is now downloadable on the iPad. It includes bonus recipes and videos of John and me in the kitchen. ($15)

Rachael Ray’s Favorite Apps – My year in meals


I love this game! It's like Boggle -- an old obsession of mine -- and I play against friends and family. ($2.99)

Rachael Ray’s Favorite Apps – Quordy


I use this app to jot down recipe ideas wherever I am -- and as you know, I'm always thinking about new recipes! (free)

Rachael Ray’s Favorite Apps – Evernote


I just got the Sheepdogs; the Rolling Stones' 50th anniversary compilation, Grrr!; and Soundgarden. (free)

Rachael Ray’s Favorite Apps – iTunes


This app allows me to buy movie tickets, so we don't have to wait in line at the theatre on date night. (free)

Rachael Ray’s Favorite Apps – Fandango


I have to listen to Howard Stern's radio show every morning. Baba-Booey! (free, with a $15/month subscription)

Rachael Ray’s Favorite Apps – Sirius


I love to tweet out what I made for dinner and cool updates on the show, magazine and books. I love communicating with our viewers and readers. (free)

Rachael Ray’s Favorite Apps – Twitter


It's so fun to post pics of our home, cool dishes, etc. Love looking at other people's posts as well. (free)

Rachael Ray’s Favorite Apps – Instagram


With Pandora I can listen to the music I love, and am in the mood for, immediately and anywhere. (free)

Rachael Ray’s Favorite Apps – Pandora


I love the Flashlight app, and it's obvious why. (free)

Rachael Ray’s Favorite Apps – Flashlight

More Faves

Now that you know what apps Rachael can't resist, check out more of her fave products.

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