So recently, I launched not one, not two, but three furniture lines, and I was very nervous about how they would be received. What's Rachael Ray doing out of her kitchen? What's Rachael Ray doing in our living room? What's Rachael Ray doing in our bedroom?! The fact is, design is a passion of mine. I've decorated every home I've ever lived in, from my one-room apartment in Queens, to my big ol' cabin in the woods, to my kooky New York City apartment that looks like an urban tree house.

kitchen island butcher block rachael ray
Credit: Rachael Ray photo by Jim Wright; Kitchen photo by Alex Vannoy for Diana Parrish Design and Photography
  • The entire surface of each of my islands is untreated, food-safe slab butcher block.
  • People know me for the garbage bowl, so now I've built it in. You can just drop scraps here and they fall into the garbage can.
  • All three islands I designed have wine storage, drawers and Moppine racks.
kitchen island blue refrigerator
Credit: Photography by Dorothy Hong

I have a very eclectic sense of design. My mom, rich or poor, always made sure that our environment was a beautiful one, and she was a very clever and ingenious inspiration when it came to decor and food. My new furniture is smart, functional and, most important to me, affordable. I'm very proud to announce that it's been a huge success right out of the gate.

office furniture desk outlet chair flowers
Credit: Photography by Diana Parrish Design and Photography
  • I hate looking at cords, so tons of the pieces have secret places to plug in your phone.
bedroom bed furniture sofa pillows
Credit: Photography by Diana Parrish Design and Photography
  • My design partner, Michael Murray, and I call this bench-bed the Mur-Ray, a combination of our last names.

What’s your style? I’ve got 3 to choose from.

I didn't just put my name on this furniture; it started as doodles on my notepad or in my notebook. There's an Upstate line and two different city-inspired lines: Highline, which is a little more masculine, and SoHo, which is actually based on midcentury-modern Italian and Danish design. 

end table style
Credit: Photography by Diana Parrish Design and Photography

1. SOHO: My downtown New York apartment has a midcentury-modern vibe and lots of vintage and flea market pieces. I gave the SoHo line that same feel.

2. UPSTATE: In the country, we have more room and the house feels lived in. This line has that kind of aged-wood, lived-in-and-loved-fabrics look.

3. HIGHLINE: This line is a little more industrial and masculine but still comfortable—pieces you'd choose to make your home man-friendly.

living room furniture dog
Credit: Photography by Diana Parrish Design and Photography
  • There's a dog bed in all three lines— big enough for my own dog, a 65-pound pit bull!
  • I wanted the furniture to be smart and multifunctional, like this étagère that works as a room divider. 
  • This end table can also be an accent table or nightstand.

Features that I love about my pieces are when they combine form and function—e.g., my kitchen islands have built-in garbage bowls, wine storage, places to hang your Moppine, and slab butcher blocks so you can use your entire surface to chop and cook and entertain. My bookcases and shelving units are designed to be double-faced so you can use them as room dividers. There are drawers that slide through on both sides, and many of my pieces offer places to hide ugly things like wires. Hidden places to plug in your phone and gadgets were very important to me. Ladies, there's a dresser that holds everything from your lingerie to your thickest of sweaters and even all of your jewelry. Plus, it has a pop-up vanity mirror.

patterned chair blue
Credit: Photography by Diana Parrish Design and Photography
  • A club chair is kind of like a dog bed if you think about it—you can curl up and feel safe. 

I could go on and on and on, but this is still primarily a food magazine, so I don't want to take up too much time on my home furnishings. We're showing some of my favorite pieces on these pages, along with some of the backstory of how I got my inspiration. You can check out the entire collection at Let us become a part of your home!

notepad sketch furniture design rachael ray
Credit: Photography by Getty Images

SNEAK PEEK! You heard it here first, folks! I'm already working on new designs: Here's my drawing of a bar cabinet.