Rach + John

You ask, Rach answers ... about how she and John met and how they keep things cookin'.


Q: Where did you and your husband meet? -Carly Myers, Harrisburg, PA
A: At a party full of tall people. We spotted each other right away because we were the only short ones there!

Q: What's the most romantic date you and John have been on? -Margartia Giannerini, Chicago
A: Our first one. We cooked dinner together: brown-butter-balsamic-glazed ravioli, rosemary chicken and garlic greens.

Q: How did John propose? -Melanie Green, Wharton, WV
A: I was crying because the apartment we were about to move into wasn't ready -- I was afraid we were going to be homeless! John threw the box at my head and said, "Here's a present. Stop crying!" I actually thought it was a key chain at first!

Q: What's the most romantic thing John has ever done for you? -Vickie Hackney, Orlando, FL
A: There are a thousand answers to that question, from making me dinner to spending an entire week collecting every film ever made by my favorite director, Pedro Almodovar, to writing me songs. He's full of good surprises.

Q: How do you and John stay connected and keep the romance going? -Colleen Willey, Hamburg, NY
A: I gotta say, we married well. We don't have to do anything special. We cook together a lot. And, you know, food is love!


Q: Has John ever disliked anything you've cooked for him? -Laura Woody, Harrisburg, OR
A: Not that he was dumb enough to mention!

Q: What is the strangest meal John ever served you? -Kellen Dooley, Bellingham, WA
A: He's never served me a strange meal. However, he did make a strange meal for himself: Champagne-Vanilla Salmon. Good thing I don't like salmon. I didn't have to eat it!

Q: When you and John cook together, who does the dishes? -Christy DeMuro, Naperville, IL
A: John. I married well.

Q: You and your husband, John, seem to lead such busy lives. Is it tough for the two of you to find quality time at home together? -Connie Hainan, Stone Mountain, GA
A: We find the time at night. We have many late suppers -- we're both night owls!

Q: My boyfriend and I are learning to reconcile two very different tastes in food. How did you adjust your cooking style or the types of food you prepare after meeting your husband? -Alissa Howell, Carlsbad, CA
A: I would never, ever adjust my cooking style for anyone! I simply would not have married a picky eater -- that would've been a dealbreaker for me. So thankfully I found John. He eats everything!

Q: Did you ever make something your husband John didn't like? -Christina Trizulino Nazario, Jackson Heights, NY
A: Coffee. I'm not allowed within five feet of the coffeemaker. Restraining order. He's a lawyer.

Q: After all the cooking you do during the day, who cooks at home, you or John? -Brittany Elston, Slidell, LA
A: I cook more often than he does, but he's great in the kitchen! Many nights we cook together. We always stay in, and we really love to make our own meals, our way.

Q: What's the best romantic dinner to make for your sweetie? -Cynthia Wallentin, Lebanon, NH
A: Make whatever your sweetie's favorite food is. For John and me, it's pasta all the way.


Q: What's the name of John's band? Do they have any CDs out? -Cincy Rabenstein, Altoona, PA
A: John rocks out in The Cringe. They have two CDs, Scratch the Surface and Tipping Point, and are working on a third. Check out their upcoming gigs at thecringe.com.