Flip through our photos of Rachael Ray in the kitchen, slicing and dicing, cooking up her famous 30-Minute Meals and more.


Ready to Mince

Sick of garlic's thick skin? Try microwaving your cloves for 10 seconds -- the skin will slip right off. Or use a teaspoon to scrape the skin off.

Rachel Going to Cut Garlic

Quick Chops

Rach prepares garlic to use in her newest 30-Minute Meals.

Rachel Cutting Garlic

Perfect Pasta

Rach adds salt to her pasta water.

Rachel Sprinkling Salt in Pan


Question: What's the one ingredient you couldn't live without? -Zachary Luker, Baton Rouge, LA

Rach: EVOO, of course!

Rachel Pouring Olive Oil in Pan

Fresh Herbs

Rachael chops up fresh basil for her 30-Minute Meal. Learn how to cook with 12 of our favorite herbs and you'll never go back to dried.

Rachel Putting Greens in Bowl


Rachael always keeps a salt cellar near the stove so she can easily add a pinch.

Rachel Pan Cooking

Just a Pinch

Rachael always has salt on hand for cooking -- and to toss over her shoulder! As she says, "I'm a very superstitious girl -- with a very salty kitchen rug."

Rachel Sprinkling


Crack your eggs on the counter, rather than the side of your bowl, to keep shells from falling into your ingredients.

Rachel Cracking Egg

Rice and Easy

Whether you love chicken, pork, fish, beef or veggie dishes -- there's a 30-Minute Meal with rice for you.

Rachel Pouring in Pan

Prep Time

Wash cherry tomatoes in a colander to get them clean, then use them in Rachael's delicious 30-Minute Meals.

Rachel with Cylinder

Soup's On!

A watched pot never boils, right? That's why Rach looks the other way as she warms up her French-Onion-and-Wild-Mushroom-Soup.

Rachel Stirring in Pan

Grate Idea

What's better than pasta? Pasta with freshly grated parmesan cheese! Freeze leftover rinds, then toss into soups and stews for extra flavor.

Rachel Shaving Cheese

Ring My Bell

There are dozens of ways to use red peppers in your recipes: stuff 'em with pasta, turn 'em into a sauce, throw 'em into a soup...

Rachel with Pepper


Rachael takes a bite of her Cod-and-Shrimp Stoup with Salt-and-Vinegar Mashed Potatoes. Delish!

Rachel Blowing on Food

Herb How-tos

Use kitchen scissors to snip delicate herbs like chives and tarragon. Finding yourself with leftovers? Toss those extras into a food processor with olive oil, salt and nuts for an easy pesto sauce. Or freeze any leftover chopped fresh herbs and water in an ice cube tray, to flavor soups and sauces.

Rachel Cleaning Greens

Just a Slice

For easy garlic bread, melt butter with chopped garlic and spread on crusty Italian bread. Broil until golden. You can also make it your own by sprinkling on chili powder.

Rachel Cutting Bread

Rinse Off

Wash and bag your produce as soon as you come home from the store or the market to make it easier (and faster!) to get dinner on the table.

Rachel with Produce

Flip It

When you make burgers, indent the center with your thumb -- the patty will stay flat as it cooks.

Rachel Cooking Burgers

Great Grilling

Rach says, "It's not what you put on a burger, it's what you put in it. If you stuff ingredients like veggies and herbs inside, then they create moisture for the meat. That's the key."

Rachel in the Kitchen

Patty Cake

Rach certainly wouldn't call herself a star: "I'm just a burger flipper and a Chatty Cathy!"

Rachel Cooking

Hands On

Kitchen time is fun time, and always has been. Rach says, "I was always in the kitchen with my family, even as a baby, and I helped out from the time I could hold a spoon."

Rachel Smiling in Kitchen

Turn it Up

When Rachael's in the kitchen, you can bet there's music playing. Rach says, "I have eclectic tastes. It could be anything from John Coltrane to the Foo Fighters."

Rachel Grabbing Cuts of Lettuce

Home Plates

Skip fancy seafood restaurants and serve steak-like fish, such as swordfish or tuna, to your carnivore friends. Try Tuna Steaks Provençale, shown here.

Rachel Holding a Plate of Food

Slice and Dice

Rach says, "I love the comfy grips on the handle Santoku-style knife that I designed with Füri. And of course, it's orange!" Brush up your basic chop with our Basic Knife Skills video.

Rachel Cutting

Chop, Chop

"I've never thought about chopping -- I just hack away! Everyone just has to find a rhythm," says Rach.

Rachel Cutting Greens

Core Skills

Store tomatoes at room temperature, not in the refrigerator. To core a tomato, slide the tip of a paring knife 1/4 inch into the top, then carve out the core.

Rachel Chopping


One turn of the pan of EVOO (extra-virgin olive oil) is approximately one tablespoon. Rach says, "I go with EVOO for most everything. But vegetable oil is great when food has to be screaming hot, like stir-fry."

Rachel Putting Olive Oil in Pan

Steam Bath

To prevent steam from hitting your face while draining pasta, tilt the pot away from you when you pour off the boiling water.

Rachel Steaming Pasta

Wine Pairing

Wine (and beer) can make a great meal more special. Need a cheat sheet? We'll help you figure out what you like in our Non-Snobby Wine Guide.

Rachel Cutting on the Cutting Board

Mix and Match

Rach says, "I love adding bitter chocolate or coffee to chili, and cooking rice, grains or pasta in wine, then mixing in fresh grapes. Any mix of savory and sweet -- like a savory waffle with spicy syrup -- is good, too. Bottom line: Opposites attract!"

Rachel Handling an Herb

Set the Table

Even at the last minute, you can set a festive table with stuff you probably having lying around the house or the backyard.

Rachel on Side of Table

Behind the Scenes

Get closer! Take a private tour of Rachael's show kitchen and magazine test kitchen in our exclusive Behind the Scenes tours.

Rachel Smiling in the Kitchen