Flip through photos of Rachael Ray hanging out with her friends.

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005

Me and Jim

Rach hangs out with photographer Jim Wright, who took all the photos at the South by Southwest festival party.

Rachel with Jim


Rachael and John celebrate New Year's Eve with actor Steven Van Zandt and friends.

Rachel with John and Friends


Rach tips her hat to a rockin' New Year.

Rachel at New Years Party

Dig In

Rach enjoys a serious Italian feast with actor Steven Van Zandt at his brother-in-law's restaurant, La Pastaria, in New Jersey.

Rachel with Friend at Restaurant

Top it Off

Celebrity chef Rick Bayless pours a Topolo Margarita for Rachael during a Mexican feast at his house.

Rachel and Friend have Margaritas


Rachael hangs out with Rick's daughter Lanie Bayless as she pulls together a spicy Mexican Dinner Party menu.

Rachel having a snack with Friend

Bring It

Everyone plays a part in this big Italian potluck! Rach serves up dinner for her buddy Mario Batalli -- find the menu for their Potluck Dinner Party here!

Rachel with Mario Batali

Back to the Ballpark!

Can food bring together the most classic of rivals -- the Yankees and the Red Sox? Maybe not, but it's fun to pretend!

Rachel with Sport friends

Name That Tune

Actor Jeff Daniels serenades his cooking coach with an original song, "Tomato Puddin'."

Rachel with Jeff Daniels

Cookin' with Jeff Daniels

Jeff's confession: "I've had this bus since 2000, and I've never used the stove." With a flick of the burner, Rachael quickly changes that!

Rachel with Jeff Daniels

Hanging with Actor Jeff Daniels

Rachael shows actor Jeff Daniels how to whip up a meal on wheels.

Rachel with Jeff Daniels

Chop, Chop

How do you use a knife on an RV? Carefully!

Rachel Cutting Greens in RV