Flip through photos of Rachael Ray and her family, husband John and -- of course -- best girl Isaboo!

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005

"My husband's band, the Cringe, was awesome [at the South by Southwest festival]," Rachael says. "Then again, I'm biased."

Rachel with John

Making Breakfast

Rach and John cook for each other in the morning (in too-cute matching robes).

Rachel having breakfast with John

What a Pair

"[I met John] at a party full of tall people," Rachael says. "We spotted each other right away because we were the only short ones there!"

Rachel with John

Girl's Best Friend

Rach and Isaboo, inspiration behind Isaboo's Butternut Squash Mac and Cheddar recipe.

Rachel with her dog

Quality Time

"We find time together at night," Rach says. "We have many late suppers -- we're both night owls!"

Rachel with John

A Night Out

Belly dancing, hookah pipes, tuffets and tents make dinner at New York's Le Souk more like a magic-carpet ride than just a great North American restaurant.

Rachel at restaurant with John

Belly Up

Belly dancers Tarik Sultan, Nadia Moussa and Sharihan shimmy for Rachael and her husband, John, at New York's Le Souk restaurant.

Rachel with Dancers