How much grooming does your pooch really need? Take our quiz to find out fur sure.

groomed dog wearing bathing cap
Photo courtesy Getty Images
| Credit: Photo courtesy Getty Images


Give your pup a bath?

A. Once a week 

B. Once every three months 

C. Once every six months

Brush her?

A. Every day for short fur;  twice a day for long fur 

B. Every week for short fur; every day for long fur 

C. Every three weeks for short fur; every week for long fur

Have her nails trimmed?*

A. Once a week

B. When I hear them clicking on the floor

C. At her annual vet visit

Brush her teeth?

A. Once a day 

B. Two or three times a week 

C. Once a month—and do  Greenies count?

Have her ears cleaned?*

A. Once a week

B. When they look dirty

C. You're supposed to clean her ears?!


Mostly As

Slow down, glamazon! Unless your furry  friend spends all day chilling in the mud, you can likely let up on the grooming. Cleaning  ears and trimming nails too  frequently can actually lead to  irritation or, even worse, injury.

Mostly Bs

You're right  on target. The ASPCA  recommends Bs all around.  Every dog is different,  though, so if your pup seems  particularly smelly or has  other health problems,  check with your vet to figure  out the best routine.

Mostly Cs

Bath time. Now. Even if your pooch resists, you've gotta get on it. Good hygiene can prevent painful infections (those ears are super sensitive!), and getting up close and personal is a good way to check for vet-worthy issues like fleas or rashes. Go for the Bs, please!

*Ready to get down and dirty?  Learn the safest ways to handle these tricky techniques at