Get your eat on without the heat on. Just try these quirky cooking techniques to cook your food using your car engine, your dishwasher and more.

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005
quirky ways to cook food

Car Engine

Stash heavy-duty-foil-wrapped food (steak, shrimp -- you name it) on your car engine while driving. The heat from the engine creates a makeshift oven, according to the book Manifold Destiny.


We dare you to try this one. Unplug the griddle and take the chill out of a sandwich with your body. Double-plastic-wrap a sandwich made with a baguette or roll, then sit on it for up to an hour. The warmth will soften the bread and intensify the flavors.


Got extra room in your dishwasher? Toss in dinner! Bob Blumer, author of Off the Eaten Path, says you can steam fish by running it through the wash and dry cycles (yup, with soap and dirty dishes -- we tried it!). Tightly wrap a seasoned fillet in two 12-inch squares of heavy-duty aluminum foil and place in the top rack. Let the machine run. When the load is done, remove and unwrap.