Put a Lid on Soggy Lunches

We love the new GladWare line with mini cups that tuck inside to store dressings, dips and toppings. Now, veggies stay crisp and soup toppers keep their crunch -- yum! We're inspired to pack these picks.
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Crisp chicken wrap...with creamy peanut dip

lid 1

Roll up chicken, spinach, sliced mango and cucumber in a wrap. In the cup, store peanut butter mixed with some rice vinegar and brown sugar; microwave the dip for 20 seconds before serving.

Smooth soup...with crushed chips

lid 2

Blend together jarred salsa, a drizzle of EVOO and a few splashes of heavy cream until smooth; try it at room temp or heat before eating. In the cup, pack crushed tortilla chips to top.

Crunchy salad...with sweet and spicy vinaigrette

lid 3

Toss together shredded endive and carrots, cilantro and cooked shrimp. In the cup, shake together a dressing of canola oil, orange juice, chili sauce, salt and pepper.


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