They're not just for jack-o'-lanterns anymore!


Scent Savvy

Carve ventilation holes through the rind, rub the interior with ground cinnamon and place a tea light inside.

Hang Time

Coat the inside of a pumpkin with peanut butter and birdseed, then tie it to a tree with twine or wire.

hang time

Sweet Surprise

Carve two holes on opposite sides and paint designs on the rind. Fill the pumpkin with candy, thread rope through the holes and hang.

Big Chill

Place a metal bowl inside an extra-large pumpkin, fill with ice and nest bottles of wine inside.

big chill

Homeward Bound

Etch your house numbers into the rind and insert battery-operated bulbs.

Clean Slate

Place flat mini-gourds by the sink and put pretty guest soaps on top.

clean slate