Who needs a green thumb when you've got these tools?

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You researched the best kind of soil. You carefully read articles on how to properly care for your brand-new plant. You lovingly named it Frank because you wanted to be able to connect with it on a ~personal~ level. You even started composting in anticipation of giving your little green guy the best life possible. But two weeks later, Frank's leaves are drooping and slightly yellow. You can't get him to perk up. He's a goner, and you, yet again, have no idea what you did wrong.

That doesn't have to be the case. There are tons of tools out there to make plant care easier. We rounded up seven of our favorites to help you—yes, you, the plant killer—grow happy, healthy greenery. 

1. Atree Soil Moisture Sensor

moisture sensor

Your plant child can't tell you how it's feeling or what it needs, and when you're just starting out, and it can be tough to find the line between well-hydrated and dangerously overwatered. The Atree Soil Moisture Sensor can help you learn your plant's preferences. Just stick the probe into the soil and the sensor will tell you whether the soil is too dry, too wet, or just right. 

$12.99, amazon.com

2. AeroGarden Sprout 3-Pod Indoor Garden

sprout hydroponics

A hydroponics garden is a method of growing plants that uses a mixture of water and nutrients instead of traditional soil. This alternative type of garden may sound too complicated for a novice gardener, but the AeroGarden Sprout 3-Pod Indoor Garden makes it so simple that even those who have killed succulents (we're not judging!) can grow thriving greens. All you do is fill the container with water, add the included seed pods, and plug it in. The device will tell you when it needs more water and additional plant food, leaving you to simply enjoy watching your herbs and flowers grow at a rapid pace.

3. Blumat Classic Automatic Plant Watering Stakes

self-watering plant

Even the most dedicated plant parents can't be around 24/7. If you're going to be gone a few days, make sure your plants have plenty to drink with this handy self-watering system. It couldn't be easier to use. Just place the stake end of the tool into your plant's soil and the tube end into a bowl of water. The system will gradually deliver water to your plant, ensuring it doesn't get too much all at once.

$15.50 for three, amazon.com

4. FlowerChecker app


Some plant purchases are impulse buys. You're walking down the street and lock eyes with a pretty, tall, green something that just speaks to you. You buy it, take it home, and go to research how much sunlight and water it needs when you realize you have no clue what kind of plant it is. Let FlowerChecker help. Available on iOs and Android, the app has real-life plant experts who can identify plants based on uploaded photos. Submit photos of your unknown plants so you can be better informed on how to give them proper TLC. 

$1 per plant identified, flowerchecker.com

5. Metal Watering Can

watering can

If you're the type of plant owner who often forgets to water, perhaps a watering can with some serious style will capture your attention. This metal watering can from H&M will give your potting table the glamour it deserves while reminding you of your most important task as a gardener.

$24.99, hm.com

6. Ankace LED Grow Lights


Don't get a lot of light in your home? You can still grow blooming beauties! This LED lighting system from Grow Light gives your plants all the sunless-light they need to thrive. The red light promotes photosynthesis while the blue light prompts chlorophyll synthesis, which helps with germination. Set it to shine every 3, 6, or 12 hours and choose between five dimmable modes to suit your plant's needs. 

$29.99, amazon.com

7. Gardens Alive Pot Stickers

pot sticker

Even if you nail everything on the plant care list—amount of water, intensity of sun exposure, etc.—pests can hurt your greenery. Keep them from eating roots and leaves with these bright, butterfly-shaped sticky traps. Hang them from from your plant or prop them in the soil to stop aphids, white flies, gnats, and other pesky little insects.

$14.99 for pack of 10, gardensalive.com