Fun up your fruit bowl with kumquats, the mini orange look-alikes that are popping up in produce departments across the country. The one- to two-inch darlings have an intense, sweet-tart flavor and, unlike oranges, you can eat these beauties whole, skin and all. (FYI: You might run into a few seeds.) At dinnertime, toss whole kumquats, green olives and some rosemary springs in the bottom of the pan for a zesty roasted chicken.

For dessert, try Candied Kumquat Pavlovas for a sweet-tangy treat.

Candied Kumquat Pavlovas

Need a drink? Kumquat-Pomegranate Punch is a great way to embrace the season.

How about a salad? Made with kumquats and toasted coconut, Arugula Ambrosia comes together in minutes.

-- By Nina Elder