Throwing this pizza party is almost as easy as calling for delivery.

We love having friends over after work, but don't love running around like crazy to feed them. The prep for girls' night needs to be short and sweet. Our plan: pizza. Homemade pizza dough is easy, and it'll look impressive. Plus, you can make it with ingredients you keep on hand (check our Every Day essentials list) and just pick up a few last-minute toppings on the way home. Mix some easy beer and wine cocktails, and you'll be all set for a night in.


tips + how-tos

Pizza dough


1. Pull the dough gently in all directions to loosen.

2. Let the dough hang from your fingers or fists and pull it back and forth so it stretches evenly.

3. Pull the dough to fit a baking sheet, stretching it as thin as you like.