Gift yourself a never-ending summer with these perfectly piña products.
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Pineapple & Pomegranate Salad

If you instantly think of opulence and hospitality when you see a pineapple, you're not alone. 

When Christopher Columbus took the fruit—native to South America—to Europe, it was instantly embraced for its intoxicating flavor. Because pineapples are almost impossible to grow in the local European climates, the imported fruit was obscenely expensive. Only the wealthiest could afford it, and when they did manage to get their hands on one, they'd proudly display it at gatherings. But to avoid seeming stingy (and to further show off their riches), the prized pineapple was often also served to guests. Thus the pineapple became as much a symbol of hospitality as of riches. To this day, you'll see the fruit carved into gateways, entryways, and facades of homes and hotels. 

Later, the pineapple made its way to the U.S. John Dole opened his Hawaiian pineapple plantation in 1900, and the state went on to produce three-fourths of the world's pineapples. Although not native to Hawaiian soil, the pineapple became strongly associated with the archipelago, eventually becoming a symbol of the land. When Hawaii became a state in the 1950s, pineapple fever took hold of the U.S., and the fruit took on its breezy, tropical vibe. 

No matter how you see the fruit—a symbol of luxury or hospitality or laid-back chillness—there's no doubt its distinct look, scent, and flavor packs all the summer spirit. So as the season comes to a close, stock up on some of our favorite pineapple-themed products to keep the easy, breezy, summertime vibes going all year long. 

1. GT's Golden Pineapple Kombucha

Bottle only

Deliciously zingy, GT's Living Foods' Golden Pineapple Kombucha ($39.50 for 12) isn't just refreshing—it's good for your gut health and immune system. Stock up to get your body ready for sickness season. 

2. Hint Pineapple-Scented Sunscreen


Spray yourself down with Hint's pineapple-scented SPF 30 sunscreen ($17.99), close your eyes, and pretend like you're napping in a Hawaiian pineapple field. Bowl of fresh pineapple not required, but recommended. 

3. Austin Eastciders Pineapple Cider


Apple who? We'll be sipping Austin Eastciders Pineapple Cider all fall—and winter, and spring, and summer—long. 

4. Modcloth's Plumeria Paradise Pajamas

Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 4.26.29 PM

Show your casual opulence with Modcloth's Plumeria Paradish Pajamas ($42). (Yes, casual opulence is a thing.) 

5. Salut Love Elixr


Give any beverage a tropical twist with Salut's Love Elixr ($29). The plant-based infusion of pineapple, orange, and coconut can bloom in spirits, wine, and water (try coconut water!) to stimulate your senses—and maybe even boost your libido.

6. Pepplish Provisions Pineapple Sauce


Inspired by Southeast Asian flavors, Pepplish Provisions' Pineapple Sauce ($10) has a savory yet tropical vibe that pairs perfectly with rice, fish, chicken, or whatever you like! 

7. Bare Baked Pineapple Chips

Bare Simply Pineapple Chips_high-res

Who knew you needed some crunch with your pineapple? Bare Baked's Pineapple Chips ($24 for six) contain nothing but real baked pineapple. Your favorite fruit just became portable and available whenever you want it—no fancy corer or knife needed! 

8. Crate and Barrel's Pineapple Floor Basket


If SpongeBob could live in one under the sea, you can have Crate & Barrel's Pineapple Floor Basket ($69) in your home. Use it to stash linens, cat toys, or even your own bikini bottoms! 

9. Pineapple Gummi Bears


No need to dig through for your favorite flavor when the whole bag is your favorite flavor! Treat yourself to a five-pound bag of Pineapple Gummi Bears ($22.52) for a great beach (or backyard) snack. 

10. Target Pineapple Beach Towel

Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 4.43.37 PM

What's the only thing cooler than a pineapple-person wearing sunglasses? You lounging on it by the beach. Target's Pineapple Beach Towel ($10) lets you do just that. 

11. Dry Pineapple Botanical Bubbly 

DRY Botanical Bubbly Summer Celebration Bottle - Pineapple

Celebrate your love of all things piña with Dry's Pineapple Botanical Bubbly ($24.99 for three). Champagne-inspired and non-alcoholic, it's light and refreshing—a wonderful alternative to syrupy sodas and headache-inducing buzzes. 

12. Gran Luchito Crunchy Jalapeño & Pineapple 


Top your chips, tacos, quesadilla—or just your tongue, honestly—with spicy-sweet Gran Luchito's Crunchy Jalapeño & Pineapple ($2.65)

13. Vinty Rhinestone Pineapple Drop Earrings


Add some tropical flourish to any ensemble with Vinty's Rhinestone Pineapple Drop Earrings ($27).They're teensy-tiny and just so darn cute. 

14. Karma Pineapple Coconut Wellness Water


Karma's Pineapple Coconut Wellness Water ($23.88 for a pack of 12) isn't just a tasty flavored water. The bottle's patented push cap protects the drink's blend of antioxidants and vitamins from deteriorating over time. Give it a quick push before opening and your water will be infused with a fresh blast of nutrients and flavor. 

15. Premium Tropical Pineapple Box


While you're at it stocking up on pineapple everything, might as well buy The Real Thing. Get a Premium Tropical Pineapple Box ($49) delivered straight to your door, ready to be enjoyed any time of year. 

16. South African Baby Pineapples


Little food is cute, so get The Real Thing, But Smaller, with these fully matured South African Baby Pineapples. They serve a sweeter flavor than their full-sized sisters, with the bonus of no pesky core. And did we mention they're tiny and adorable.