Pineapple x Caviar’s new collab spotlights female-owned restaurants.

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Courtesy of Caviar
| Credit: Courtesy of Caviar

Just because Women's History Month is ending doesn't mean the celebration of women needs to. That's the idea behind pineapple and Caviar's new collaboration called Women-Powered with pineapple—a collection of women-led restaurants you can browse and order from on the Caviar delivery app.

Pineapple's co-founders, Ariel Pasternak and Atara Bernstein, wanted to find a way to make it easy for people to support women every day—not just one month each year. In 2015, they launched pineapple to bring women together through food. To date, over 100,000 women are part of the community. They meet online and offline to support one another, have conversations about feminism and food, and celebrate their collective efforts.

With such a vast network of amazing women, Pasternak and Bernstein knew they had the power to make their message of supporting women in food even more public. Working with Caviar, they rounded up a collection of restaurants throughout the country led by female owners, chefs, and more. Users can easily browse the restaurants to find the foods they're craving, allowing them to support women without putting in hours of research.

The collab has been massively successful since it launched in late February, with the Women-Powered collection becoming one of the top three collections on Caviar, Pasternak says. "There's been an overwhelmingly positive response to the collection in cities across the country, from both pineapple and Caviar's communities to the restaurants participating."

Right now, the collection is available in Washington D.C., Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Dallas, Fort Worth, Philadelphia, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, and Boston. However, Pasternak hopes to eventually expand the collection to every market Caviar serves. The founders will also continually increase the number of restaurants included in the collection based on users' nominations.

The Women-Powered collection is available now on the Caviar app. Download the app for free for iOS and Android, or access Caviar on the web.

And if you order, don't forget post about it with our hashtag #LikeABossEveryDay and tag us @RachaelRayMag—because we think women in food should be celebrated every day of the year, too!