Still planning your beach adventure? We know! According to Yahoo! trends expert, Lauren Whitehouse, beach travel searches are spiking off the charts. Whether you're planning a trip to Myrtle Beach (the #1 searched destination), Virginia Beach or even the pool for you midwest dwellers, you're going to need a stellar menu that's easy to put together, transport and keep cold.


Make it: Marinate Do-Ahead Fried Chicken overnight, fry it in the morning and chill it until you're ready for lunch.

Buy it: Coleslaw, corn bread, honey, butter, cayenne, sweet iced tea, berries, whipped cream and vanilla wafer cookies. 

Semi-homemade: For a quick dessert, layer your favorite berries in small jars with whipped cream and vanilla wafers.

Before you pack the butter, mix it with honey and cayenne.

Go green: Swap out paper plates for ones made from bamboo: They're pretty and compost-friendly. ($10 for 8;

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