These couples got all the things on their list—milk, eggs, bread and true love—at the grocery store. Talk about one-stop shopping!
Man Women Grocery Shopping
Illustration by Peter Oumanski
| Credit: Illustration by Peter Oumanski


Meg Cannon and Rich Sonnenberg
Met at the Hyde Park Kroger in Cincinnati, OH
Together 23 years

Meg was a cashier at Kroger, and Rich would come in to say hi to friends who worked there with her—but he'd always find his way to her lane. "Apparently he went through more than a few times because he thought I was cute, but I don't remember!" Meg says. Then one day, Rich decided to try another approach: He lingered behind a Doritos display until she passed by and asked for her number. "He had a nice vibe, so I gave it to him," she says. His gambit worked: The two have been married for 12 years.

Beer Lovers

Jennifer and Andrew Edwards
Met at Trader Joe's in Phoenix, AZ; married at Trader Joe's in Eugene, OR
Together 12 years 

Jennifer was roaming the beer aisle at TJ's when Andrew asked if he was in her way. He wasn't, but they ended up talking for an hour. "We got a clerk to give us a piece of a box and a Sharpie to exchange phone numbers," Jennifer recalls. Two years later, after they decided to tie the knot, they knew where to go—their local Trader Joe's, where they got hitched by the beer aisle.             

Whole-y Matrimony

Rina and Greg Farber-Mazor 
Renewed their vows at Whole Foods Market in Lynnfield, MA
Together 18 years 

"For our 10th anniversary, we decided to renew our vows in the exact spot where we got married," says Rina. The only hitch? What was once the Sheraton where they had their ceremony was now a Whole Foods—so 50 guests gathered in the supermarket as Rina walked down the aisle. Afterward, they celebrated with cake— from Whole Foods, of course.