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The Life Saver
How one National Geographic cinematographer turned his lens to rescuing animals from natural disasters.
A Safer Springtime
Dr. Courtney Campbell shares five ways to protect your pet as the weather heats up.
Our Favorite Dog Treats
Your fur baby deserves tasty (and healthy!) treats, too.
Cuddly Companions: Pets for Seniors
How one Cleveland-based nonprofit foundation paves the way for seniors to adopt pets, and reap the mental and physical benefits of cuddly companionship.
New Year, New Pooch
Are you making some resolutions for yourself this time of year? Make a few for your dog, too! Whether your pup needs to lose weight or just have a healthier 2021, Dr. Courtney Campbell is here to help.
How to Keep Your Pets Safe During the Holidays
The parties! The meals! The decorations! What makes this a fun and festive time of year can also put your pet in harm's way. Veterinarian Dr. Courtney Campbell shares how to avoid the holiday hazards.

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Pet Adoptions Are Rising During the Pandemic
One of the few bright spots of the COVID crisis? A surge of shelter animals are finding their forever homes.
This Horse Therapy Center Offers Free Trauma Treatment
Learn how Idaho Horse Therapy Center is helping veterans, at-risk teens, and first responders cope with trauma.

How to Safely Share Your Bed with Your Dog

Should you share your bed with your pooch? Sure, says Ventura, California-based veterinarian Courtney Campbell, a regular on Rachael's show. He offers tips for a good night's sleep in a crowded bed.