Not all dog bowls are created equal-- or are even suitable for each and every dog. Find the perfect fit for your furry friend with these shopping tips.


Your Bowl Buying Checklist

The Right Size

Pooches with longer snouts need deeper dishes, while snub-nosed dogs prefer shallow bowls. Deep and narrow feeders are ideal for long-eared dogs-- so their ears won't dip into the food or water.

Choice Materials

Top-of-the-line bowls are made of stainless steel. Unlike plastic or ceramic, it doesn't scratch or chip, so it's easy to clean and won't harbor bacteria. If you have a super-playful pup, opt for a bowl with a nonskid base to prevent slipping and spilling.

Special Features

Raised bowls reduce joint and neck strain and limit air intake, so they aid digestion and can decrease gas and bloating. For speedy eaters, try "anti-gulp" bowls with ridges inside that force dogs to forage, which slows them down.

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By Sarah Zorn

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