Used to be you’d go to a
restaurant, enjoy a meal and, as
you passed the host stand on the
way out, snag a matchbook.
Photography by Peter Ardito
| Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito

Now,  matches seem to be going the way of  cigarettes, and chefs and owners are  realizing that, as mementos (and  marketing) go, an after-dinner mint  just doesn't cut it. Enter the retro-style  restaurant-branded pen—usually  an old-school clicky one. Over the last year or so, Rachael Ray Every Day  senior food editor Alexa Weibel has  amassed a collection. "I first spotted  them at Diner, in Brooklyn, where I  used to work," she says. She's since  scored them from hot spots across  New York City, like Lafayette, Estela,  King and others. Get ready to click  because, as with most restaurant  trends emanating from the hipster-iest  borough, it's a good bet that these  retro ballpoints are coming soon to  a neighborhood joint near you!