Patio Decorations

Suspend these designs from the arms of a patio umbrella at your next outdoor party.


patio umbrella

Think of getting a lei as a sign you've arrived -- they're meant as a welcome offering in Hawaii. Dangle this centerpiece above the table to set a convivial mood for party guests.
Supplies leis, scissors, string
How to Make Snip leis (made of real or artificial flowers) apart in sections of various heights, keeping the string and flowers you plan to use intact. Tie a big knot below the lowest-hanging flower on each strand, and tie the loose ends to strings of varied lengths.


patio umbrella 2

Anglers from all over the country visit Montana to fly-fish its trout-filled creeks, rivers and mountain lakes. The Yellowstone River, which runs through the southeastern part of the state, is said to be the longest blue-ribbon trout stream in the nation.
Supplies fishing lures, round plastic ornaments, string or twine
How to Make Pick up fly-fishing lures ("flies," for short) at a sporting goods store (around $1 each). Pull the tops from clear plastic holiday ornaments and place one or two lures into each. Close the lids and hang the balls using fishing string or twine.


patio umbrella 3

Sunflowers originated in North America, but the ones from North Dakota have the most serious street cred: The flower is more widely produced there than in any other state.
Supplies sunflowers, spray glue, glitter, ribbon
How to Make Spritz sunflowers with spray glue and dust with clear or gold glitter. Tie a ribbon around each stem so the buds face outward, and trim the stems.


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