Pat Monahan

The lead singer of the band Train shows Rach that all you need to live like a rock star is good food, a happy family and a little bit of soul, sister.
Pat Monahan

Rachael Ray: Pat, you win the award for the bestlooking fridge. It's stocked with healthy choices, and you're also holding your daughter Autumn--and she's one cute kid.

Pat Monahan: My wife, Amber, is responsible for not just the beautiful refrigerator, but also the beautiful child.

RR: Is Amber also the chef in the family?

PM: I'm the first cook, but she's excellent in the kitchen, so we can both pull it off. I think I enjoy it more because I'm on the road a lot and don't get to do it as much. As a family, we're pretty careful about what we eat. We look for organic ingredients and avoid anything processed.

RR: That's great! Speaking of cooking, I'm a huge Howard Stern fan, and I heard he loves your chili recipe. Is there a secret to it?

PM: It's funny that you found out about that. I don't eat pork or beef, so I make it with turkey. I also throw in a ton of onions and garlic. But you know what the trick is? Red wine.

RR: That sounds like my kind of chili. My first word was "vino." So, you have a bunch of hot sauces in your fridge. Any faves?

PM: Cholula sauce is the bomb. It makes everything taste incredible. But I use Tabasco in my egg salad--I tried using Cholula once, and it didn't work.

RR: Are your kids picky eaters?

PM: When they were younger, my son, Patrick, was picky, and my daughter Emelia was a really good eater. Autumn is somewhere in between. She won't eat everything, but she loves Perrier, believe it or not. What kid loves Perrier?

RR: Does she help you cook?

PM: Yes, she's usually in the kitchen with me--she has to stand on a chair and see what I'm doing. When I make turkey burgers, she is the garlic salt and pepper girl. I hold her up high so the salt doesn't end up in one huge mountain.

RR: What treats do you indulge in?

PM: Chocolate's the downfall of the family. We're so bombarded with treats on the road, and the only way I can avoid them is if I have dark chocolate around. It's hard not to eat a cookie, though, girl, let me tell you.

RR: I hear that. Okay, last question: If you could throw a dinner party and invite anybody, who would it be?

PM: I'd ask Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin and George Carlin. And I'd love to invite you and Howard Stern, so you can both give me compliments on my chili.

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