Party Time

Rachael hosted a sweet party for Every Day with Rachael Ray editors and friends, to celebrate the magazine's new look. The room was filled with gifts and goodies from the magazine, including Popper Sliders and Bourbon Cocktails!

Which looks tastier, the shirt or the cocktails?

A Tray of Drinks

Get the Bourbon-Mint Iced Tea recipe

No, Elliot, you may not borrow my hat!

People at Party

DIY taco bar: As spicy as you like it!

People Arranging Food

Smile! We're Rach's style buddies!

Women Talking

Deviled eggs get all dolled up.

Toppings for Devil Eggs

Sip slowly -- there's bourbon in there!

Women Drinking

Get the Bourbon-Mint Iced Tea recipe

If only movie theaters served popcorn out of a planter!


Get the Cinnamon Popcorn recipe

Just Johns: Business partner, left, and hubby, right.

Group of People

It wouldn't be a Rachael Ray party without sliders!


Get the Popper Sliders recipe