Simple Math for Great Parties

No matter the numbers, they should all add up to a good time.
party table

Host an Ideal Dinner Party

6 guests + 1 amazing entree + 3 bottles of wine + 1 rockin' playlist

Compile A Killer Playlist

Any Michael Jackson classic + 1 Kings of Leon CD + 20 songs per hour of party

Throw a Happy Birthday Party

2 dozen cupcakes + 2 dozen party hats + 2 dozen wishes

Try Chocolate Red-Wine Cupcakes with Marscarpone Icing

Put Together a Fabulous Floral Design

1 leaf + 2 beautiful blooms + 3 cups of water in a vase

Transform your blooms into a flowery centerpiece

Come Up With a Thoughtful Hostess Gift (aka: dinner on you)

1 bottle of red wine + 1 box of pasta + 1 jar of sauce

Create a Delicious Dessert Bar

5 kinds of sweets + mini milkshakes + frothy, cold milk + tea

Get the recipe for Spicy Mocha Milkshake Shooters

Throw a Perfect Party

6 guests + 8 bottles of wine + a full bar + a great playlist + a 6-course tasting menu + 16 candles + a late-night card game


Know your important party numbers

What to put on your party to-do list

Learn how to pour a great drink, every time