Now that your pantry is stockedand ready for any cooking emergency, our next Love Your Kitchen Challenge asks you to transform that pantry into a place of harmony:

Reorganize your stocked pantry so that ingredients you use together are stored together. Group items for Italian dishes in one place and Mexican recipes in another. Then, make a meal using one of your staples.

Craving Italian? Great! (Lets be honest, when are we not?) Our fall-flavored Weeknight Meal Plannerhas the answer: Bow Ties with Zucchini & Hot Chili Pepper Pesto is the perfect dish for a quick dinner that's somewhere between summer and fall. Head to the Italian section of your pantry and grab the following:

  • chicken or vegetable stock
  • pine nuts or almonds
  • farfalle (bow-tie pasta)

Throw in some fresh herbs, a zucchini and a little bit of heat and you're left with a fantastic and filling meal (that's vegetarian friendly, too!).

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