It's hard to know what will make you smile more:

these cute and quirky stoppers or the fact that there's wine left!

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(from top left)

Never overlook bottles again with a Glasses Bottle Stopper. $14,

Toast your favorite team (Rach says Go Jets!) using NFL Football Helmet Bottle Stoppers. $20,

A Wine Splash Bottle Stopper ironically keeps spills at bay. $7,

If you like it then you should put your name on it with a Gold Monogram Wine Stopper. $34,

An etched glass Spinning Globe Wine stopper saves your favorite imports. $19,

Proud pooch owner? Top a bottle with a labrador Mariposa BottleStopper. $23,

A Vintage Pool Ball Bottle Stopper is your ace in the hole. $30,

What's funnier than a Rubber Chicken Bottle Stopper. $12,

After you've had a hoot, stop up bottles with Woodland Park Owls Bottle Stoppers. Kate Spade, $30 for two,

Take off and leave the wine for later using an Aviator Bottle Stopper. $20,

Use a Chalkboard Bottle Stopper to mark the date your bottle was opened. $8,

A Stopped Up! Bottle Stopper keeps bottle plugged tight. $11,

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