Oscar Party

Roll out the red carpet for a last-minute Oscar Party.
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Celebrate the Oscars in a big way by inviting friends over for a night of feasting and stargazing. Serve snacks inspired by the glitzy Governors Ball menu, and sit around debating the big issues -- like who's really the worst dressed. The best part about this bash? You can throw it together in less time than most stars spend getting ready for their close-ups.


Smoked Salmon Pizza

Herb Sliders

Spicy Marinated Olives

Golden Lemon Orange Bars

Starlet Cocktails


Hollywood Glamour Oscar Party

tips + how-tos



Envelope, Please

1. Transform paper napkins into award-winning envelopes by drawing two diagonal lines and attaching a gold seal.

Walk This Way

2. Run a red tablecloth or wrapping paper across the table and sprinkle gold-star confetti to create a mini red carpet.

Winners' Circle

3. Distribute Oscar ballots and give prizes to guests who predict the most winners.