Comedian Amy Sedaris celebrates with a dinner party for me, myself and I.

dinner party prep

I live alone by choice. I don't mind being alone. I do truly look forward to an evening by myself with excitement. After eating my own dinner and doing the dishes and complimenting myself on the terrific meal I whipped up, I might flip on the fake fireplace and spend some time massaging my rabbit. Perhaps I'll take a relaxing herb bath, treat my eyes to a soothing lima-bean compress, eat half a cake and then rock myself to sleep.


tips + how-tos

dinner party

HOW TO ...

Make a Seasonal Sun Catcher

1. Collect fall leaves. 

2. Iron the leaves between two sheets of wax paper. Hang in the window and let the sun shine through.

Crush Peppercorns 

1. Place a clean dishrag on the floor and fill with black peppercorns; fold shut. 

2. Beat the peppercorns with a mallet until crushed. (If you live in an apartment, you might want to invite your downstairs neighbor up for this.)

Remove a Wine Stain 

1. Tie the stained shirt in random places with rubber bands. 

2. Boil the shirt in a mixture of chopped red beets and water. 

3. Hang the tie-dyed shirt to dry. Stain gone!

Make an Eye Compress 

1. Cut the feet off a pair of panty hose a few inches above each foot. Fill one foot with a bag of frozen lima beans and tie shut. 

2. Place the bean packet inside the other pantyhose foot and tie shut. Decorate with felt eyes. Lean back and rejuvenate those eye sockets. (Store in the freezer for reuse.)

Draw an Herb Bath 

1. Fill the foot of a pair of panty hose with fresh herbs (like parsley, sage, rosemary or thyme). Tie securely over the bath spigot and fill the tub with warm water. 

2. Soak for 20 minutes. Exit bath refreshed.