No more breaking a sweat just to get your dress zipped!


I'm not a big fan of dressing up. I'm more of a leggings and sweatshirt kind of gal. It's not a hill I'll die on or anything. Many's the time I've gotten fancied up and had a good time doing it. (Email me for proof! Kidding, don't. That's weird and I won't respond.) I'm just saying that if I could live the rest of my life in sweats, I'd be pretty into it. 

But I will knock one thing about getting fancy: the ridiculous amount of effort it takes to zip up a dress. There is no reason why, in this invention-filled, there's-an-app-for-everything 21st century, I still have to dislocate my shoulder and sweat off my freshly made-up face just to reach my zipper. If I'm going to spend my morning being an unpaid contortionist, I better at least be an internet sensation for it. And I'm not! I'm just alone in the bathroom, elbowing myself in the face and perspiring heavily through a fresh coat of deodorant as I force my hand one more painful centimeter down my back in search of that teeny, tiny zipper handle. No deal. 

Luckily for me and everyone who's just been forced to imagine my unpleasant facial expressions and painful body movements, I never have to struggle so desperately to zip up a dress again. The Best Friend is here for me—always. 


The Best Friend is a dedicated zipper helper. It's got a clip on one end and a figurine (aka, your cute new best friend!) on the other. The figurine is attached to an adjustable pull cord that stretches as little or much as you need. Before you step into your dress, clip TBF onto your dress's zipper and pull the cord out a bit. Then slide on your dress, grab the figure, and pull up! The whole process takes seconds and absolutely zero perspiration. 

It's genius. I can't believe I've been struggling to find minuscule zippers hidden between seams for over two decades. (Which, can I just ask, do those zippers need to be so small? My very average-sized hands never had a fighting chance against such dainty targets.) Attaching an object you can actually hold and, thanks to the adjustable cord, easily reach is the best idea anyone's had since the invention of stretchy pants. I said what I said. 


The Best Friend is available now for $34.99, so you might want to go ahead and get two—one for yourself, one for your real-life best friend. It's a good way to show your pal you've got their back. 

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