Sriracha has proven itself as the spicy condiment of the moment. Seriously have you tried the sriracha flavored popcorn and potato chips lining the shelves in the grocery store? We've even been known to throw it into a compound butter to add a little oomph to our dinner rolls. But what's next? The hottest trends in hot sauce are right there in the international aisle, burning to be discovered by you!


Harissa (huh-REE-suh)

This fiery blend of hot peppers, olive oil, garlic and spices (like coriander and caraway) is the ketchup of North Africa. Use it to season eggs and meats, or slather is on flatbread, top with goat cheese and bake.

aji amarillo

Ají Amarillo (ah-HEE ah-ma-REE-yoh)

This Peruvian pepper paste, made from pureed South American yellow-orange chiles of the same name, has a fruity, floral spice. Mix it with mayo for a sunny sandwich spread or a dip for fries, or serve it with grilled fish or rice and beans.


Gochujang (go-choo-jang)

Made from dried red chiles, fermented soy beans and sweet rice, this Korean staple tastes like a rich, tangy BBQ sauce. It makes a mean marinade for grilled chicken -- or stir it into baked beans.

tuong ot toi

Tuong Ot Toi (too-erng urt toy)

A blend of coarsely ground chiles, garlic, vinegar and sugar, this Vietnamese sauce has a salsa-like texture. Toss it with melted butter and cooked chicken drumettes for lip-puckering hot wings, or mix it with soy sauce for a spicy dumpling dipper.

By E. C. Gladstone

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