Happy 4th of July! By now all of your party prep should be done: Hamburgers are ready for the grill, the beers in chilling and the sparklers are ready to be lit. But if you're looking for a cute and quick way to both decorateand entertain, look no further: DIY flag-inspired food platters!

You're a Grand New Flag

Lay out rows of red, white and sparkling wines, making sure the bubbly forms a square in the top left corner. Drop blueberries into the flutes for a pop of color.

Country Strong

Pipe softened butter on a plate and chill before serving. Cut corn on the cob into thirds or halve to fit. Don't have red potatoes? Use cherry tomatoes or radishes.

Star-Spangled Spread

Use a cookie cutter to make stars from sandwich bread, then top with spreadable cheese and tomatoes. Slather crackers with Boursin cheese or goat cheese. We used prosciutto and soppressata, but you can try red sausage or deli meat.

Sweet Land of Liberty

Wrapped Hershey's Kisses make great sparkly stars. The rest of you s'more ingredients are your stripes!

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