Dress up your table with these easy napkin designs.


Corner Pocket

Slip your silverware into something more comfortable: Lay a napkin flat (finished side down), fold the bottom horizontal edge up about 4 inches, then fold the napkin into thirds vertically, like a sideways letter. Flip the napkin over and tuck the silverware into the pouch.

go for the fold

Roll Call

Start dinner with a bang: Place silverware along a napkin edge, roll up and tie with ribbons on either side like a firecracker.

roll call

Fashion Plate

Look through your jewelry box -- or antique stores -- for old costume bracelets, and slide them around napkins.

fashion plate

Seasoning's Greetings

Tie on some seasonal ingredients: String cinnamon sticks, fresh herbs or cranberries on kitchen twine or ribbon and wrap them around napkins.

seasons greetings