Muhammad Ali

The champ tells us how he stays in shape, one day at a time.


Muhammad Ali

I get up around 9 a.m. to start my day. Breakfast is my biggest meal, and I eat whatever I want. I enjoy everything from vegetable omelets to steak and eggs, or chicken and black beans. Sometimes, for dessert, I'll eat fruit salad; other times, I'll have bread pudding or vanilla ice cream, because I love ice cream -- and I can't be good all the time. Later in the morning, I head to the gym, where I work out for an hour, followed by a massage or stretching exercises.


For lunch I like soup or a sandwich, usually followed by an all-natural frozen fruit popsicle. After lunch, I'll do a little work in my office, talk with my staff and read fan mail -- I get about 300 letters a month. I also like to create artwork for my friends (I usually work in colored pencil or marker), practice magic tricks or play practical jokes on whoever is around (I really like to do that). Midafternoon, I eat one of my G.O.A.T. snacks (they're new -- the name stands for "greatest of all time"). My wife, [my friend] Peter Arnell and I helped develop these snack foods that are low in calories but taste like they aren't. They're convenient, healthy and delicious (I know since I picked out the flavors!). Nuts 'n' Nana is my favorite -- it tastes like banana bread with a little peanut mixed in.


At dinner, I usually have a salad with lemon juice and olive oil dressing, salmon and grilled vegetables. I try to eat lightly in the evening and never eat after 8 p.m., which helps me control my weight and sleep better. In the evening, I try to watch the news on CNN and the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. I love to end my day watching films of my fights (or documentaries about me) and Elvis movies.