Here's a Mother's Day gift she'll want to show off: quick and easy-to-make tea towels to brighten up her kitchen.

1. Wrap them with ribbons


Lay a clean towel flat on a work surface. Cut lengths of machine-washable polyester grosgrain or satin ribbon 2 inches longer than the width of the towel. Coat the underside of the ribbon with fabric glue (try Fabri-Tac, $8,, then lay it across the towel, folding the extra inch on either end to the underside of the towel. Press to secure. Repeat in stripes, creating ombre patterns or mixing in printed ribbons.

2. Send a Message


Use stencils to spell out fun foodie messages. Secure the stencils with painters' tape, then mask the rest of the towel with craft paper. Spray with one coat of nontoxic fabric paint (try Simply Spray, $6, available at craft stores) to fill in the stencils, holding the can 8 inches from the towel. Let dry before removing stencils.

3. Put Your Stamp on It

Fruit stamps

Cut vegetables or fruit in half and pat dry. (We used artichokes, radishes and butternut squash, but apples, pears and others work well, too.) Using a foam brush, coat the cut side of your produce with a layer of fabric paint (try FolkArt, $2, and firmly stamp onto a clean tea towel. Repeat to create a pattern. Let dry before using.