Throw a scrapbooking party to preserve your family's recipes -- and give mom an afternoon to remember.

Few things are more sentimental than looking through old family recipes -- Grandma's chocolate cake, Mom's tortilla casserole, that first-year-of-college spaghetti sauce. Of course, most of our handwritten recipes are crammed into recipe boxes or slipped into cookbooks or drawers. Don't keep these treasures hidden away: Throw a Mother's Day scrapbooking party! Ask moms and daughters to bring empty photo albums, some favorite recipes and great photos, then get crafty! Lunch is easy, too: Just cook up Grandma's greatest hits.


tips + how-tos


get the goods

1. Kolo's 8¾-by-10¼-inch "newbury" album ($35, has a photo window on the cover, perfect for a mother-daughter portrait.

2. Corner cutters and pinking shears, available at craft stores, put decorative edges on recipes and photos. 

3. Alphabet stamps ($25, are especially great when your handwriting isn't! We used them with metallic and multicolored stamp pads.

4. Cut out pieces of wrapping paper and other patterned paper, or just buy colorful world of paper decorative paper packs. ($8, for stores)

5. Thin strips of ribbon add great texture to the pages.

6. Get creative beyond the glue stick: Provide mini safety pins, available at craft stores, as fasteners. 

* Prices and other details were accurate when we published this article in May 2007.