Our Instagram followers share stories about the women that inspire them most.

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"My mom, who raised seven daughters alone. She became a nurse practitioner just a few years ago and has made me see things in a way that has made me a better person. She is amazing." –Buffie Scott

"My elderly lady friends. They are a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in navigating life. Plus, they're not afraid of trying new things or changing careers." –Leslie Prehoda

"Real women who are honest about real life, especially life with kids. My mom has been a savior for me during both transitions in my life: no kids to one, and one kid to two. I will never be able to truly express with words how much she means to me!" –Jenny Hanson

"My mother. She lived through World War II in Italy. She came from Italy as a newly married woman and did not speak English. She faced difficult situations with more courage, love, and grace than I could ever muster. She taught me about strength. She taught me about family. She taught me about great food! She was remarkable." –Giovanna Conte

"I'm most inspired by my wonderful daughters. They inspire me to continue to be the best I can be at 51." –Emily Cataldo

"My grandma! She's thoughtful, kind, and selfless. She goes out of her way to make sure that others have a great day. She inspires me to be a better person every day." –Mackenzie Gray

"Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite actresses because of her idea that nothing is impossible. The pursuit of your passions is something I'll pass on to my children!" –Rebecca Armstrong

"My granddaughters, ages 11 and almost 10. They are kind and mature way beyond their ages. They teach me to forgive, to understand, and to see the best in the world." –Wanda Parrish