Meet the parents of 1-year-old, 10-month-old and 2-year-old mixed breeds

more dogs saved Desirae and Kelsey Allen

Their new ’rents

Desirae and Kelsey Allen, who adopted them from Battle Mountain Humane Society in Hot Springs, SD (

Three’s Company

The couple adopted Rylee, and then Maya when Desirae realized Rylee would love a furry friend. She and Kelsey fostered Hercules next but ended up adopting him, too. "He's what we happily call a foster fail!" she says.

Cute Characters

Desirae says Maya is "sweet and sassy," Rylee is "very curious" and Hercules is "a teddy bear."

A Winning Team

Fetch with a football can be adorably clumsy when all three pups end up carrying the toy back together. "It's pretty entertaining since they're all bigger dogs!"