Meet the parents of 1-year-old, 10-month-old and 2-year-old mixed breeds

By Sarah Zorn
January 23, 2017
more dogs saved Desirae and Kelsey Allen

Their new ’rents

Desirae and Kelsey Allen, who adopted them from Battle Mountain Humane Society in Hot Springs, SD (

Three’s Company

The couple adopted Rylee, and then Maya when Desirae realized Rylee would love a furry friend. She and Kelsey fostered Hercules next but ended up adopting him, too. "He's what we happily call a foster fail!" she says.

Cute Characters

Desirae says Maya is "sweet and sassy," Rylee is "very curious" and Hercules is "a teddy bear."

A Winning Team

Fetch with a football can be adorably clumsy when all three pups end up carrying the toy back together. "It's pretty entertaining since they're all bigger dogs!"