Monograms: To The Letter

Surprise your party guests with clever monograms.

Pear with Flair

Brush corn syrup onto a pear in the shape of a letter and press granulated sugar on top.

monogrammed pear

White On

Place a letter stencil on a brownie square and dust with confectioners' sugar.

White G Monogram

Stamp of Approval

Using a letter paper punch, make alphabet confetti and sprinkle it around the table.

letter stamp

Name Plate

Before serving, draw each guest's first initial in chocolate syrup on a dessert plate.

monogrammed name plate

Small Talk

Cut toasted bread with letter cookie cutters and serve with hummus or peanut butter.

monogrammed napkins

Initial Impression

Push flat thumbtacks into the side of a pillar candle to form a letter.

monogrammed candle